A Girl and Her Nanny / Adventures, Transitions, and Goodbyes

written & illustrated by: Megan Mills
featuring: Caroline Sanderson

The Idea:

Are there memories you wish you could hold on to forever? Fun moments and crazy adventures with people you care about? Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you loved very much? The life of a nanny/babysitter is a delicate balance of love and professionalism, attachment and relinquishment. As adults, we know and understand that love is not bound by physical location, but does the child being separated from someone who they have grown to trust and perhaps see as part of the family, understand and believe that fact?  And even if we know facts with our heads, that doesn’t necessarily mean our hearts still can’t hurt when the separation happens.

The Summary:

This heart-felt story tells of a little girl and her nanny, the fun times they have together, and their ways of coping when one of them moves away.  It leaves the reader with suggestions for ways to keep in touch and reinforces the fact that love transcends distance (in kid-friendly rhyming couplets, of course!)

Buy the Book:

Meggoline is available through a variety of vendors including:
Etsy // Amazon // Barnes & Noble

P.S.  The book refers to the girl’s nanny as her friend (instead of using the word ‘nanny’) because I wanted it to be applicable to a wider audience.  So even if you are a babysitter, a relative who is moving away, or just an older friend or mentor to a child, I think that both you and your little one could relate to the story found in these pages.



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