Giveaway & Announcements!

Hi there everyone!

It feels like everything has been a bit crazy over here in my life… But thankfully it has mostly been the good kind of crazy!  So many things I am juggling at once… I honestly do not understand how there are parents who have their own businesses and also parent. That sounds absolutely crazy to me!

Besides the book, I have also been working on pottery, architecture, trying to start a garden, a couple watercolor commissions, being part of a book club, and the occasional babysitting.  Plus we just got our first week of farm share veggies which is so exciting! (I am in the middle of also writing a post about that situation, so stay tuned!) But also means that I am trying to learn how to cook a couple new-to-me vegetables before they go bad… (Again, stay tuned to see how that goes!)

I am definitely not trying to complain, though!  I do like these times of plenty more than I like the creative droughts. The only unfortunate thing is that occasionally I have to be more flexible with my original goals than I would prefer and give myself some grace for not being precisely on schedule.  I had it in my mind that the Kickstarter for the new book would launch on the first day of March, but now I am just aiming to have it up and running before the end!  Which brings me to the official announcement:


Saturday, March 16th

And the book is going to be titled:

Families, Families Everywhere

I repeat, the Kickstarter for my new book, Families, Families, Everywhere, will go live on March 16, 2019!  Are you as excited as I am?!



In anticipation of the new book and this new season of book promotion, I am also hosting a giveaway that starts today!

This giveaway will be for:

  • An exclusive Mills of Abstraction “I Love My Family” hand-thrown ceramic mug
  • An autographed copy of the new book and,
  • A custom 5×7 watercolor commission!  

To enter, all you have to do is fill out this survey about your family!  There are only 14 questions and it should take you about 10 minutes.  Also, be sure you are following my Instagram account for the chance to earn more entries (and more chances to win)!

So In Summary…

New Book Kickstarter: goes live March 16

Title Announced: Families, Families, Everywhere

Enter the Giveaway Here:

Love you all! And as always, thanks for reading!


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