Not Your Pawn

Today marks the launch of a new side project that I have been sitting on for a while now called: Not Your Pawn

“Not Your Pawn” is a new and expanding line of handmade goods by The Mills of Abstraction that support and promote empowerment.

We have all experienced times in our lives where things have felt out of our control.  When we have felt manipulated or used, a cog in the machine, a puppet controlled by others, or even our own emotions/biology. A time when we felt stuck or trapped, forced into a decision or situation.

Pause for a second and really think about that.
It may have been a seemingly small thing at work, or perhaps a larger more traumatic event. Both are real and valid.
Remember how disempowering that felt?
How vulnerable? How caged?
How hopeless?

Now think about living in that feeling, day in and day out.  Hoping for rescue or escape.

But what is to be done?  We are small ourselves. We are not millionaires; we do not wield massive influence.  We are similarly powerless in the fact of these large, complex issues as well, aren’t we?

I wrote a whole post on compassion fatigue.  I have thought about it, dwelt on it.  And here is my response, we must simply do what we can.  Choose something small and make a decision. Change what you can for the better. And so I am choosing to take a stand:

To the sexual predators, the child molesters, the wife beaters.
To the irresponsible politicians. To the big businesses treating workers like slaves.
To anyone involved in the continuation of the human trafficking industry.

We are not yours to be violated, trampled, or taken advantage of.
We are not objects to be used, resources to be exploited.
We are not puppets to be manipulated or controlled.


Fifteen percent (15%) of every ‘Not Your Pawn’ purchase will go to an organization supporting the empowerment of victims of human trafficking or child abuse (and an expanding list of causes and organizations if things go well.  This list is open to suggestions.)

The current organizations supported are:

Yes, this may not be the most effective or efficient way to support these organizations. But we all have to start somewhere.  We have to do what we can do, when and how we can do it.  For some, that is making multi-million dollar donations. But for others, it is simply buying more socially or environmentally conscious gifts and products.  It is helping to spread the word about topics that need attention and situations that need to be changed. It is using our small decisions, to remind ourselves of the impact we can have on the world around us, the change we can impart, and the sense of empowerment we can help others to claim as well.

Be empowered. Empower others.

Shop here.


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